04/23/08 - Community outreach program regarding the implementation of Information, Communication and telecommunication center at La Paz, Accra Ghana. This is in cooperation with Cybermission.

11/08/07 - Numberwan would be in attendance at the annual property management association conference. This takes place at the Atlantic city Midas hotel form Monday to Wednesday evening.

09/10/07 – A public forum on the emerging market investment at the Plaza hotel conference room # 2 at 6:00pm. This program is sponsored by the African Union Gateway foundation in partnership with Numberwan Company LLC.

09/19/07 - Community outreach to provide public assistance and disaster preparedness education to needy families in the south Bronx.


12/20/10 - Providing books and other educational materials to schools in Ghana.


10/25/14 - Follow up on educational materials to schools.


02/16/17 - Extend eduscational materials distribution to churches, eg Alogloshi Anglican Church, Accra Ghana.


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